BAM! Julia Pickslay Fitness Coach on Board with Beach Butlerz

Beach Butlerz is hosting an AMAZING new fitness opportunity to all female CEOs, directors, managers, and owners, called the “Leading Ladies Fitness Challenge.” Sign-ups begin February 4, 2011! Elite fitness coach, Julia Pickslay with ‘Body by Julia’ will be leading the challenge. Below is Beach Buterlz’s (BB) interview with her where Julia shares her BIGGEST TIP for leading ladies wanting to win the challenge and become fit.

BB: How did you get involved with Beach Butlerz?
JP: Cecile (BB Founder) found me on twitter and came to train with me and fast became one of my favorite clients and a wonderful new friend. And…I love all things “beach”.

BB: How many years have you been in the fitness business?
JP: Twenty-five in athletic coaching and over 10 in personal fitness.

BB: Wow! How did you first get involved?
JP: I moved into the world of health and fitness trying to support my coaching habit.

BB: What’s your professional experience and training with regards to fitness?
JP: This is a hard question. I have endless training in all avenues of health and fitness, from massage and rehabilitative work (CPT, Applied Kinesiology) to athletic coaching certifications (USATF, Gambetta, Cycleops) and training to the world of strength training (USA Weightlifting, NASM, NSCA) to being a life long athlete and health and fitness guru, studying and experiencing everything out there. I don’t think who I train matters, it’s that I can work with anyone from athletes to executives to housewives and weekend warriors. What I know transcends any one specific genre and allows me to take the true principles of coaching to any specific goal or result.

BB: What’s been the most memorable experience you’ve had as a fitness instructor?
JP: My love and passion for coaching come from watching as individual’s eyes light up when they realize they can achieve something they never thought possible.

BB: What is your biggest tip for those trying to stay fit?
JP: We all really know what it takes to get in shape and lose some weight… it just takes a set goal and a plan to get you there, and maybe some one in your corner to support you a bit along the way. (Like the other “Leading Ladies” doing the Fitness Challenge!)

BB: What can we expect with the workouts for the upcoming Ladies Fitness Challenge?
JP: Amazing results, fun and motivating environment, great people and new relationships. Did I say Amazing results? Oh, and maybe a little sweat.

We will be posting more information about Julia’s workouts and the upcoming Leading Ladies Fitness Challenge in the coming weeks, so be sure to check in often! Happy exercising until then. 🙂

Can you handle the heat?

If you’re anything like us at Beach Butlerz, you’re tired of making the same New Years resolutions. Join a gym, lose 10 pounds and get swimsuit ready are wonderful ideas, but we happen to believe trying new programs to keep your body working hard is the best resolution there is.

A fitness craze that has been around for a while is picking up steam- bikram yoga. This unique routine lasts 90 minutes and involves 26 yoga postures designed to work every organ and muscle in your body. Oh, and did we mention the yoga room is kept at a constant 105 degrees?

The theory behind “hot yoga” is that the intense heat encourages deeper stretching and less stress on your muscles and joints. While it is not an exercise regime intended for everyone, the benefits can be great for all systems of the body. And, bikram yoga burns over 600 calories a class (not bad!).

If you are interested in more information about bikram yoga, check out these websites: hot yoga and bikram yoga. If you don’t think bikram yoga is for you, make sure to check back soon. We will be featuring some killer interviews and workouts in the coming weeks starting off with our LEADING LADIES FITNESS CHALLENGE beginning first week of March. Happy exercising!