Cal Poly Wine Fest Celebration

Spring has sprung (though right now you wouldn’t know it on the Central Coast). There is a light at the end of this tunnel of rain, and it promises to bring sunshine and beautiful weather to all Central Coast inhabitants.

Many clubs and organizations take advantage of this wonderful California weather when coordinating fundraising activities and festivals. Every spring a favorite event of Beach Butlerz comes to the area- the Cal Poly Wine Festival.

The Cal Poly Wine Festival promises to provide a delightful afternoon for everyone- whether you’re a wine professional, a social taster or a wine newbie. The event will be held this year on April 8 and 9 at Margarita Vineyards in Santa Margarita. All proceeds from the event benefit the Wine and Viticulture program at Cal Poly.

For 2011 the festival will focus on the theme “trends and tasting.” On April 8 seminars will be held focusing on topics related to such (i.e. Trending M

illennials: Understanding the interaction between media and the next generation of wine drinker), and will conclude with a BBQ and live auction held at the Leaning Pine Arboretum on the Cal Poly campus. Beach Butlerz donated a Sunset Beach Bonfire to the live auction. We can’t wait to serve the lucky recipient of our services.On April 9 from 1-4 p.m. event participants will be invited to taste wine and food from various restaurants and wineries.

Everyone is invited to attend the event, but you must be 21+ to taste. For more information about the event visit the Cal Poly Wine Festival’s website or Facebook page. To purchase your tasting ticket, or to buy a package for the weekend, click here. Cheers!

Seafood Watch – Oh, there’s an Ap for that too.

Living on California’s Central Coast we’re spoiled…we have access to top-grade, high quality seafood year-round. Unfortunately, sometimes that delicious food comes with a hefty price tag.

Certain fishing practices harm marine life and endanger underwater species. Although, not every fisherman engage in such activity, so you don’t have to swear off eating seafood at all.  There are sustainable ways to harvest seafood, and if you’re an informed and diligent consumer you can continue to enjoy your favorite meals without jeopardizing the environment.

Humans have been fishing for hundreds of years as a means of sustenance. In recent years, however, fishing has turned harmful due, in part, to advanced technology. Fishermen are now able to fish deeper and with more efficiency than ever before, and as a result “scientists estimate that we have removed as much as 90 percent of the large predatory fish such as shark, swordfish and cod from the world’s oceans” (

Programs like the Monterey May Aquarium Seafood Watch Program are hoping to help consumers make sustainable choices when buying and consuming seafood. Since 1999 the program has been working with “consumers, fishermen, restaurants, retailers and suppliers” to cultivate the best and least harmful fishing practices.

The Monterey May Aquarium Seafood Watch Program has a seafood recommendations smartphone application (the Seafood Watch Ap) on their website to help seafood lovers make responsible buying choices. Using such tools can help preserve what ocean life we have left—download it today! Happy [responsible] seafood eating!


Beach Butlerz is HIRING!

Want the coolest job on the face of this Earth? Beach Butlerz is HIRING!  Beach Butlerz is a new service being offered on the Central Coast and we’re looking for Butlers that are naturally pleasant, physically fit, love to post updates on Social Networks, and looking for a seasonal (April through October) part-time weekend job at the BEACH!  Yes…this is a real job.  What is Beach Butlerz?  Beach Butlerz provides 5-star beach resort services to beach enthusiasts enjoying a day out at Avila Beach and Pismo Beach, California.  Services include, setting up classic oak wood beach loungers, beach umbrellas, beach bonfires, beach parties, and food delivery from local beach restaurants.  Kind of like what a cabana operation does for a beach resort.  Check out our Facebook Fan Page (become a fan!) and website for a quick overview of this great service,


We only have a couple of spots open for this great job opportunity.  What’s in it for you?  This job pays $8.50/hour, so you’ll get a paycheck and tips for all your awesome contributions to making Beach Butlerz a success and great service you provide to Beach Butlerz customers.  You’ll also have the opportunity of becoming a reality social network sensation.  In addition, you get to work at one of the most gorgeous beaches on the Central Coast of California with awesome people just like yourself.


Required Skills: Able to work in direct sun when required, ability to work weekends and holidays, must be able to lift approximately 75 lbs. and work well with others.  Must have good English skills and be able to communicate effectively and pleasantly with people.  Must be able to stand, stoop, or bend for duration of shift [at least (4) hours].  Bum heads or sourpusses do not apply please.


Preferred Skills: Waiting and customer service experience preferred.  Rockin’ computer social networking skills.


We need top-notch Butlers by April 2011 but we need to know you want this position now. Send in your resume and a picture of you to ASAP.