Keep the Coast Clean – Adopt a Beach!

California’s beaches are arguably some of the most beautiful beaches in the United States. Part of what makes our beaches so fantastic is the fact that they are clean, well maintained, and inviting.

Being that California’s beaches are so sought after, they get a lot of visitors, which often leave trash behind. Trash and debris created and left behind by people pollute the seaside landscape and diminish the quality of our beaches. The State of California created the “adopt-a-beach” program to help alleviate the problem.

Adopt-a-beach encourages businesses and organizations to get involved and commit to cleaning it at least three times per year.  According to the website, “The Adopt-A-Beach program fosters feelings of pride and ownership as volunteers begin to care for their beach.”

Beach Butlerz is considering adopting a beach here on the Central California Coast. Question is, which one. They’re all so worthy of some tender loving care.  While we ponder which beach to adopt, we ask that you do your best to keep trash off the beach as much as possible. Feel free to walk up to a Beach Butlerz kiosk and ask us for a trash bag if you forgot one.

Ultimately, the process for adopting a beach is simple, and groups are encouraged to readopt the same beach each year. For more information about how to adopt a beach you can call 800-COAST-4u or contact your local beach manager.

Beach Butlerz