How to Become a Professional Fisherman

What it Takes to Become a Pro Fisherman

Most people don’t think about becoming a fisherman as a full time career. But with the right passion and love for the sport, you can spend your life on a dock searching for fish and become a professional.

Here’s how:

1. Start out as a hobby

Before even considering doing this sport professionally, you must become familiar with the lifestyle. Spend a lot of time fishing just for enjoyment and read magazines and biographies of professional fishermen.

2. Join a fishing club.

Engaging in your passion with others will not only help you build your skill and reputation but will also open doors to get into small tournaments.

3. Specialize in fish that are prevalent with a local fishing company

Every area in the country has different types of fish. With each different species comes different methods of catching them. To become a good employee you must acquire the knowledge of how to fish for the species that are within your region.

4. Be prepared for low wages

Full time Fishermen are like full time musicians. They will do their job at all costs because of their fervent affinity for the activity, not because it will comfortably support them.

5. Tournaments

Winning tournaments will not only help support you, but it will help build your reputation and enhance your chance to succeed.

Remember, a sign of a true fisherman is someone who has the drive and a love for the sport. If you are worried about supporting yourself comfortably or do not have a true talent it may be wise to pursue this arena only as a hobby.

The Best Nude Beach SLO has to Offer: Pirates Cove


Why go to Pirates Cove?

Pirates Cove is a remote and scenic nude beach that stands between Pismo and Avila and is not your typical nude beach. On an average summer day you will find only a handful of people either completely naked or stripped down to the bare minimum, which makes this beach a desirable place to visit since it never gets overcrowded.

Additionally, while most nude beaches are populated with people wearing birthday suits, Yelp describes it as consisting of “a mix of people you would see at your local supermarket.” The public gives it an average rating of 4 and a half out of 5 stars typically for its silent beauty that resembles the beaches “in Crete and the Mediterranean”(Neo G-frequent visitor of the Cove).

How To Get There:
There are a few ways to access this remotely private cove. From Avila Beach Drive, you can drive straight down the remotely windy road. After passing a quaint little golf course on your right, Cave Landing Rd will be uphill on your left. Take this street and park in the nearest parking lot. Continue on foot walking south. As you go down the creaky wooden steps, Pirates Cove will be within your gazing distance at the far end of the beach. If you want to do more walking than driving, you can also park where the nearby dunes are and take a dirt trail down.

Last but not least for those enthusiastic adventurists, you can take the journey by kayaking from Pismo’s pier. Make sure you have a coverup if you plan to take this route as the waters can make the temperature a little chilly.

Weather: You can expect Pirates Cove to get as hot as the high 90’s during the summer and low as mid 50’s during the coldest months of winter. What’s unique about the weather at Pirates Cove however is that the surrounding mountain range helps to filter out the misty fog. During the morning when fog typically sets in a beach, the mountain range blocks the fog from seeping into the city. As a result, you will be able to sip a morning margarita and enjoy the beautiful sun above as you gaze out at the surrounding “Avila bubble” that sits on top of this barrier.

Pirates Cove has a stunning view of the ocean and is truly a hidden gem that one would need to see to fully experience its true beauty. We hope that this gives you a glimpse of a truly remarkable experience!