The Central Coast Oyster Festival

Mark your calenders! This years annual Central Coast Oyster Festival will be held between October 18-19th, 2013, in Morro Bay.

The Central Coast Oyster Festival is a celebration of all the Central Coast has to offer. The Festival features the delectable oysters of the Morro Bay Oyster Company and fresh local produce in the hands of the area’s best chefs, paired with award-winning local wine, beer, and spirits. In addition, the event includes a spirited oyster-shucking competition, live food demonstrations and an enticing “Aphrodisiac Lounge.”
Live Art, Entertainment & Education accompany this event in one of the most unique, beautiful, creative settings the Central Coast has ever seen.  With art event installations from The Do LaB and SpinCycle the atmosphere created wowed the attendees and this year has such a great response expected attendance will be well over 6000. This year the The Central Coast Oyster Festival is also bringing a new fundraiser tradition to benefit OPTIONS Family of Services. Many local bands like TROPO and Neon Russell will be playing and over 20 gourmet food vendors will be featured. This event is definitely one you won’t want to miss. Buy a VIP ticket and get your own Butler to serve you food and beverages throughout the festival. In addition all participants will be able to lounge on Butlerz Events high end furnishings as part of their experience. We hope to see you there!

5 California Locations for Your Event

If you’re looking for a grand place to host an event, look no further! These locations are some of the top sites in California. Check out the weblinks at the end of each event for more information.

Hotel Del Coronado

If you’re looking to be grandiose, Hotel Del Coronado is the place to host an event. Located by the beach in San Diego California, this seaside resort was built with the intention to be “the talk of the Western World,” as stated by founders Elisha Babcock and H.L. Story. This hotel looks like a dream palace; inside you will find over 15 boutique stores, multiple luxury spas, fine dining, recreational rooms, and over 670 guest rooms. Various American legends and presidents have made famous visits such as Thomas Edison, Babe Ruth, Benjamin Harrison, and England’s Prince of Wales. The hotel has also captured the center of Hollywood’s attention, as it has starred in famous movies such as Some Like it Hot. This resort is a perfect location for holding a destination wedding or impressing your guests as you hold the biggest birthday bash of your life.

Queen Mary

The Queen Mary was built in 1929 by John Brown shipyard in Clyde, Scotland. It was originally made to just be a typical ocean liner, but its history has transformed it into something far beyond the ordinary. This 1,000-foot long vessel was built to be bigger and faster than the Titanic, and carried some of the most well known people of the time, such as the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Clark Gable, and Winston Churchill. What makes this ocean-liner particularly special and worth hosting an event is the infamous hauntings. The Queen Mary is notorious for being one of the most haunted places in the world. It supposedly carries over 150 past wartime souls who never can rest in peace due to their treacherous experiences. Their stories range from Door 13 spontaneously crushing two sailors to death to women suddenly drowning in the First and Second Class swimming pools. If you want to send chills down your guest’s spines, send them on an adventure in the Queen Mary.

Aquarium of the Pacific

If you’re looking into a place to host an event for either youth or the young at heart, consider the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. There you can host all types of events from corporate meetings to social cocktails and offer perks to your guests such as all day access to the aquarium and a BBQ’d lunch on the front lawn. The aquarium currently holds over 11,000 different types of fish, along with a 350,000 gallon fish tank available for holding an event under as well. This exotic aquarium makes for the perfect place to hold a party or wedding as there are so many different attractions to enjoy.

Luther Burbank Home and Gardens

Luther Burbank was a nationally renowned horticulturist who was responsible for introducing more than 800 new types of plants in his lifetime. Due to performing the bulk of his life’s work at this location, it has become a historic landmark for people to visit. Currently today the house’s surrounding garden includes a plethora of his work, including: collections of cacti, fruit trees, ornamental grasses, medicinal herbs, roses, and walnuts. Located in Santa Rosa, you can rent this exquisite home and have space for up to 50 people for any wedding, ceremony, or other type of special event. If you’re looking for a place with a high degree of innovative nature, the Burbank home may be the location for you.

Flying Caballos Ranch

The Flying Caballos Ranch is a quaint little vacation rental that encompasses the main 5 bedroom Ranch House, 2 bedroom and bathroom Guest House, a Studio Cottage, and a Water Tower Apartment. Located in Edna Valley, a short drive from scenic San Luis Obispo, it was originally owned by the Alfred Madonna family in the early 1900’s and was used as a dairy farm. The family used to grow their own crops and orchard, which still exist as part of the ranch today. Flying Caballos is an ideal location to bring your friends for an overnight stay as you tour the surrounding city. Now equipped with multiple flat screen tv’s, hot tubs, and a home entertainment system, this ranch will not leave you short of finding something to do.

Oceano State Dunes Beach

One of California’s most spectacular beaches – Oceano State Dunes Beach. It is our favorite.

10 Interesting Facts about the Earth’s Oceans

The ocean is a plethora of neverending mysteries. Read on to discover some of its surprising facts.

1. 99% of all living space exists exclusively under the ocean, and 50-80% of all life on earth dwells in the sea. This means that we as human beings have hardly seen the massive matter our planet contains!

2. The highest tides in the world are located at the Bay of Fundy. They range from about 50-70 feet daily. In a period of 12 hours, approximately 115 billion tons of water flow in and out every day.

3. The largest recorded tsunami was in Alaska and measured 60 m (approx. 180 ft.) above sea level.

4. There are more artifacts located in the ocean than there are in all of the museums on the plant combined.

5. The longest mountain range and volcano range exist under the ocean.

6. A fully grown blue whale weighs between 150-170 tons and is the largest known animal to ever exist on our planet. To get an idea, that is equal to more than 50 fully grown elephants.

7. 95% of the earth’s oceans has been unexplored by man. As of today, we have better maps of how Mars looks than the ocean floor.

8. Half of the entire world population lives within 60 miles of a coastline. Since the beach is a favorable spot and weather is more mild, people like to be closer to the coast.

9. The Mid-Ocean Range is the longest mountain range on earth. It is 40,400 miles long underwater and stretches the Arctic Ocean to the Atlantic. Put in perspective, it is 4 times longer than the Andes, Rockies, and Himalayas combined.

10. 50% of the entire United States lies underwater. We as human beings are unconscious of the extraordinary amount of landmass that lies below our level of awareness.

Famous Shipwreck in San Luis Obispo: The Montebello

On December 22, 1941, the Montebello of San Luis Obispo prepared itself for its voyage back to the western coast. The crew members loaded over 78,000 barrels of oil which was meant to be supplied to the war effort. Unfortunately, that ship never reached its destination. Not too long after it had set sail, Japanese invaders had successfully torpedoed the ship and its cargo would become forever lost at sea. Captain Ekstrom yelled orders to stand to by the lifeboats and abandon ship. Quickly many of the crewmembers did as they were told and hurried to escape. Luckily in the aftermath of it all, the captain was successful in saving everyone in the 38-member crew. However, as the years passed the Montebello would come to elicit more problems than the local community would expect. Decades later in 1996 when the Montebello was rediscovered, scientists had rediscovered the ship along with its 78,000 barrels of crude oil. Although carefully intact, they figured out that if any of the barrels ever began to leak, it would cause a serious threat to the surrounding wildlife and San Luis Obispo community. California assemblyman Sam Blakeslee contacted the Unified Command led by the U.S. Coast Guard and California Department of Fish to conduct further testing to determine if there was a substantial oil threat. After a few years of research and experiments they finally concluded in 2012 that the ship would pose no harm and decided to leave it intact as it is. The  U.S. coast guard along with the Department of Fish still say that the continual checkup on the Montebello must be implicated every so often to prevent future hazards from arriving.

How to Become a Professional Fisherman

What it Takes to Become a Pro Fisherman

Most people don’t think about becoming a fisherman as a full time career. But with the right passion and love for the sport, you can spend your life on a dock searching for fish and become a professional.

Here’s how:

1. Start out as a hobby

Before even considering doing this sport professionally, you must become familiar with the lifestyle. Spend a lot of time fishing just for enjoyment and read magazines and biographies of professional fishermen.

2. Join a fishing club.

Engaging in your passion with others will not only help you build your skill and reputation but will also open doors to get into small tournaments.

3. Specialize in fish that are prevalent with a local fishing company

Every area in the country has different types of fish. With each different species comes different methods of catching them. To become a good employee you must acquire the knowledge of how to fish for the species that are within your region.

4. Be prepared for low wages

Full time Fishermen are like full time musicians. They will do their job at all costs because of their fervent affinity for the activity, not because it will comfortably support them.

5. Tournaments

Winning tournaments will not only help support you, but it will help build your reputation and enhance your chance to succeed.

Remember, a sign of a true fisherman is someone who has the drive and a love for the sport. If you are worried about supporting yourself comfortably or do not have a true talent it may be wise to pursue this arena only as a hobby.

The Best Nude Beach SLO has to Offer: Pirates Cove


Why go to Pirates Cove?

Pirates Cove is a remote and scenic nude beach that stands between Pismo and Avila and is not your typical nude beach. On an average summer day you will find only a handful of people either completely naked or stripped down to the bare minimum, which makes this beach a desirable place to visit since it never gets overcrowded.

Additionally, while most nude beaches are populated with people wearing birthday suits, Yelp describes it as consisting of “a mix of people you would see at your local supermarket.” The public gives it an average rating of 4 and a half out of 5 stars typically for its silent beauty that resembles the beaches “in Crete and the Mediterranean”(Neo G-frequent visitor of the Cove).

How To Get There:
There are a few ways to access this remotely private cove. From Avila Beach Drive, you can drive straight down the remotely windy road. After passing a quaint little golf course on your right, Cave Landing Rd will be uphill on your left. Take this street and park in the nearest parking lot. Continue on foot walking south. As you go down the creaky wooden steps, Pirates Cove will be within your gazing distance at the far end of the beach. If you want to do more walking than driving, you can also park where the nearby dunes are and take a dirt trail down.

Last but not least for those enthusiastic adventurists, you can take the journey by kayaking from Pismo’s pier. Make sure you have a coverup if you plan to take this route as the waters can make the temperature a little chilly.

Weather: You can expect Pirates Cove to get as hot as the high 90’s during the summer and low as mid 50’s during the coldest months of winter. What’s unique about the weather at Pirates Cove however is that the surrounding mountain range helps to filter out the misty fog. During the morning when fog typically sets in a beach, the mountain range blocks the fog from seeping into the city. As a result, you will be able to sip a morning margarita and enjoy the beautiful sun above as you gaze out at the surrounding “Avila bubble” that sits on top of this barrier.

Pirates Cove has a stunning view of the ocean and is truly a hidden gem that one would need to see to fully experience its true beauty. We hope that this gives you a glimpse of a truly remarkable experience!

Mini Day-Trip at the Beach!

Planning a mini day trip to the beach with your family during spring break can be a great time to bond and have some fun!

Here are a few fun activities you can do with them while at the beach:

Start off the day by making sandcastles. The mornings are best for this activity because the wet sand stretches farther from the shoreline, meaning you do not have to make several trips to the water’s edge to get your ammunition. The foggy air that still lingers in the early day also allows the sand castle to be easily molded.

Once you get a group together, start making different figures like castles or tunnels. Holding mini competitions between your friends to see who can make the best sand structure can be extremely fun. If you want to inspire your friends with some awesome sand castle structures, we recommend watching Sand Masters. This show will definitely put them in sand castle mode!
Once the day starts warming up, grill some dogs and enjoy your sandcastle art on the beach. Freshly cooked hot dogs along with a cool potato salad side makes the perfect beach lunch and is easy enough to cook so that you don’t have to worry about spending extensive time preparing a delicious meal.

After a relaxing lunch, get out your sports gear and play some volleyball! With the right group setting, volleyball can be an enjoyable activity that gets everyone actively involved. Whether you decide to play competitively or just toss the ball around, this game creates a good stimulating change from the lazy atmosphere of the beach.

After settling down from a good game, take some time to just relax and hang out on the beach. Gazing at the sunset or making a bonfire while watching the waves is great way to end the day and leave with a peaceful mind.

And that sums our mini-day trip idea for the beach. Hope you enjoyed it and please comment/blog your thoughts!

Two of the Most Stylistically Evil Pirates in History

Two of the Most Stylistically Evil Pirates in History

Thought you knew everything about evil villains? Check out the profoundly intricate ways these two pirates committed murders throughout history.

Francois l’Olonnais

Composed of long black hair and a frighteningly cunning smile, Francois l’Olonnais came to be a wicked pirate of his time. He was born during the age when the buccaneers had a strong antagonist view of Spaniards, which contributed to his target victims as a pirate. Early on he developed a reputation for himself as being a mass murderer-he would imprison as many Spanish people as possible along the coast of South America and rape or torture them with his men. His rise of power finally started to catch up with him when a group of Spanish soldiers managed to successfully ambush him. While narrowly escaping he managed to take a Spanish hostage on the way. Then he struck his sword and devoured his heart, declaring, “I will serve you all alike, if you show me not another way.” While luckily escaping the first time, his fortune didn’t last him long as he was captured again by natives-this time with no mercy. They hacked him to death and roasted him over a fire. Looks like he not only killed others in an interesting manner but was killed with style as well. This infamous act of devouring a human’s heart along with his massive killing sprees make him one of the most gruesome pirates known in history.

Stephen Decatur

If murdering with style were to be part of a career requirement, Stephen Decatur definitely takes the gold. From early on he acquired a passion for the seas, and as he was successful in each battle with various sea raids he climbed the ladder of success to become known as a national military hero. Although celebrated as a captain who had America’s interest at heart, he is listed here because he did a lot of mass murdering to acquire his fame. His most widely acclaimed sea raid was during the burning of the USS Philadelphia. During this time he gathered a group of men disguised as Maltese sailors and burned the ship to the ground without any one man from his crew getting injured. Moreover, he is famous for not resting to take revenge when his brother was killed by another pirate. Within a week he killed the man who slayed his brother and the other 33 pirates on the man’s crew all in one day. Although known at the time to be a noble captain, the way he went about slaughtering makes him one of the most fierce yet stylistic pirates in history.

5 Great Snack Ideas for the Beach

Spending the day at the beach can make you hungrier more often than you realize.
To get the most out of your day, bringing snacks with a lot of carbohydrates or protein will sustain your energy so you won’t have to worry about giving out midday. While you can always buy food from the concession stands, it often isn’t the best choice since it is expensive.

On the following list we have carefully chosen a variety of snacks that will satisfy different nutrition and practical purposes for the beach:

Hand Made Trail Mix;
Almonds, peanuts, pretzels, goldfish, m&m’s, and popcorn.  Making your own unique trail mix can be fun and tasty. This combination of trail mix is a unique and personal favorite and tingles every sense of your tongue. Balance healthy snacks with tasty snacks so you can satisfy your cravings every so often while you’re playing in the sand.

Chicken sandwich;
A typical chicken or turkey sandwich has 14 grams of protein. Wrap a slice on a piece of bread to make an easy and efficient snack that will give you long term energy.

Assorted Fruit;
Banana slices, strawberries, mango, grapes. Expelling a lot of energy at the beach can easily make your mouth dry, so staying hydrated is important. Fruits have roughly 50-80% water and are high in potassium.

Chill them in the cooler and they’ll stay fresh all day.

Power bars;
There are certain power bars that are very nutritional, while others are actually a detriment to your body. According to Jenna Holt, an expert on nutrition, Kind Blueberry Pecan and Quest Coconut Cashew are said to be some of the healthiest power bars, while Luna and Cliffe are the worst.

Simplicity is such a wonderful thing. Cheese is full of protein and is practical for a beach environment since it is convenient to pack. Bringing individual slices minimizes the amount of sand that could potentially get in your food. You can slide them in your chicken sandwich.

Romantic Beach Getaways

Try spicing up your romance this month by taking a vacation with your lover to an exotic beach. The following list of beaches are some of the most popular and romantic that California has to offer.

Stinson Beach

Begin by taking a steep drive up the ridge in Marin County.  Once you get to the top, stop. Then let the fresh crisp air soak into the spirits of you and your lover as you as you gaze at the magnificent view that Stinson beach has to offer. Stinson holds the perfect scenery for having a romantic summer picnic, or going exploring through the caves with your lover. If you like light hearted adventure and airy ambiance, Stinson is a great romantic beach getaway.

Santa Cruz Beach Town

The Santa Cruz beach town is truly for the young at heart. Walk along the boardwalk and enjoy the upbeat vibe that the classic amusement park brings. It’s a perfect date for those playful romantics who enjoy building sandcastles, eating cotton candy or sitting on top of a lighted ferris wheel while gazing at the shimmering ocean at night. If you’re inclined to go surfing, wine tasting, or explore the nearby hip college town, Santa Cruz offers it all.


Carmel-By-The-Sea-The name itself conjures a sweet playful image that is bound to rekindle sparks. Every year hundreds of couples get married on this beach. The surrounding trees coupled with the vast stretch of sand make this atmosphere a most relaxing place to spend time with a dear lover.To top it off, Carmel has many luxurious spas. Take your spouse out for a treat by pampering them with a massage from one of these high end resorts.

Moonstone Beach

If you’re looking for a nice, quiet beach with a serene setting, then Moonstone would be a perfect getaway to take your lover. Since this beach doesn’t have any surrounding shops or tourism activities, it makes it that more remote for a private date. You can watch the waves glisten from the sun setting as you snuggle in a cozy blanket with your spouse.

Venice Beach

Venice is one of the most unique places in itself. Filled with vendors that sell everything from ritzy toys to exquisite artwork, you and your lover will not get bored exploring the area. Venice is home to many street performers, idiosyncratic artists, and people from all walks of life. The eccentric nature of the beach itself makes for a romantic adventure to embark on with your loved one.