Experience Unique Sand Textures Along the Central Coast

Smooth, grainy, soothing or muddy, moist, cracked or hot, hard, and stony. There are a wide variety of sand textures on the beach and the characteristics of each can widely determine your experience. Read on to learn about the variety of tantalizing textures found at the beaches of your very own central coast.

Oceano Dunes State Beach

Oceano Dunes State Beach is one of the most unique beaches in California. Widely known for it’s features, scientists, conservationists, government agencies, and the public recognize Oceano State Dunes Beach as having the finest coastal dunes in California. It’s like pillowy powder softness beneath the soles of your feet. As awesome as it is for your feet, driving isn’t always an easy task – getting stuck in the sand is almost instant! If you want a beach that’s got vibrant activity, super soft texture under your feet, then make sure to check out Oceano!

Pismo Beach

The sand texture at Pismo is as smooth as polished glass, sometimes called Mason Sand, and is a recognizable feeling between the toes.  It is perfect to lay down on during a hot day. This condition makes it ideal to play a game of volleyball, or heat yourself up after splashing in the cool waves. The sand also makes it perfect for building sandcastles.

Moonstone Beach, Cambria

Want an instant foot massage? Then definitely head out to the beaches of Cambria. Here the sand is more like softly polished tiny pebbles. It takes some getting used to but once you get the hang of it, you’ll really enjoy the gentle massage and exfoliating properties of Cambria’s beaches. These tiny pebbles also make Moonstone Beach an ideal location to spend the day jamming on a pair of African drums.

Got some other sand texture experiences you want to share? Please do so. We’d love to hear all about them.



60-sec Refresher in Ultimate Boogie Boarding!

A little history first~

Did you know boogie boarding only came to existence in the last half century?
That’s right! Boogie boarding first started up in the 1970’s when surfboard builder Tom Morey took a break from his surfboarding business and made his first prototype of today’s boogie board (back then called a S.N.A.K.E.-side, navel, arm, knee, elbow) His invention caught on quickly and by the late he was producing 80,000 to distribute all across the states!

Now everyone can boogie board by simply taking a board and riding it in the ocean.
But if you want to boogie board with STYLE, follow these quick tips:

Step 1: Get the Gear
Depending on where in the ocean you want to board, you will need all of the following equipment:
boogie board: You want to first make sure you have the right type of board for you height. You want to make sure it comes up to your belly button when you place it standing up beside you.
pair of swim fins: Although not absolutely needed, a good pair of fins will allow you to get a maximum speed and velocity on a wave.
Leash:When you buy the boogie board, make sure it comes with a leash so in case you eat a wave, you can retrieve your board!
wetsuit: For the naturally cold-blooded folks 🙂
rashguard: A rashguard is a shirt made of stretchy-like material that is designed to put under a wetsuit. It’s primarily used as a protection layer or as an alternative to a wet-suit.

Step 2: Find the sweet spot
Before you choose any ocean, read up on the natural length of the wave currents during the time of day you want to board. This will ensure that you don’t have any disappointment in tiny waves when you get to the beach!

Step 3: The Ride
-Once you found your sweet spot, start by placing yourself on the board entirely in the ocean. Make sure the back end of the board is at your waist and your feet are hanging off at the end.
-Grip the nose of the board with your hands
-Start by paddling your feet to gain momentum

Now hang loose and ride the waves! 😀

Fall In Love Again with Tee Pees


F a l l  i n  L o v e  A g a i n
Join your loved one beside a roaring bonfire with two tikis and a romantic teepee for two outfitted with plush pillows and ambience lighting. Ask for the Tee Pee Romance Package.

Keep the Coast Clean – Adopt a Beach!

California’s beaches are arguably some of the most beautiful beaches in the United States. Part of what makes our beaches so fantastic is the fact that they are clean, well maintained, and inviting.

Being that California’s beaches are so sought after, they get a lot of visitors, which often leave trash behind. Trash and debris created and left behind by people pollute the seaside landscape and diminish the quality of our beaches. The State of California created the “adopt-a-beach” program to help alleviate the problem.

Adopt-a-beach encourages businesses and organizations to get involved and commit to cleaning it at least three times per year.  According to the CA.gov website, “The Adopt-A-Beach program fosters feelings of pride and ownership as volunteers begin to care for their beach.”

Beach Butlerz is considering adopting a beach here on the Central California Coast. Question is, which one. They’re all so worthy of some tender loving care.  While we ponder which beach to adopt, we ask that you do your best to keep trash off the beach as much as possible. Feel free to walk up to a Beach Butlerz kiosk and ask us for a trash bag if you forgot one.

Ultimately, the process for adopting a beach is simple, and groups are encouraged to readopt the same beach each year. For more information about how to adopt a beach you can call 800-COAST-4u or contact your local beach manager.

Beach Butlerz

2011 Graduates and SLO Country Bucket List

The summer months promise warm weather and carefree days for many, but they also signal a MEGA life change for graduating high school and college seniors and their families! Some graduates will leave the Central Coast and are looking to take advantage of everything the area has to offer before hitting the road. following are some of the activities and sites worth seeing and/or taking part in before leaving town.

1) Beach Bonfire – Avila Beach and the Oceano Dunes State Beach provide the perfect venue for an evening fire on the beach. Roasted hot dogs and marshmallows over the open fire taste fantastic! Watching the sunset is so therapeutic.

2) Drive along Highway 1- Although gas prices are getting to be outrageous, a day of driving along the coast is so worth it. Grab a friend or two and split gas to save money! As the weather warms and the days are sunny and clear, there is nothing like the California coastline. If you don’t have to rush back for anything, think about camping for the night in Big Sur.

3) Enjoy wine country: If you’re 21+ take advantage of the fantastic wineries Central California has to offer. Why not vow to taste at one winery a weekend until you leave? You’ll stay responsible and in control and have an excuse to enjoy great wine every week.

4) Sunset Drive-in Movies – SLO is lucky to have a theatre that shows new movies every weekend …and for cheap! Round up a few friends or a bunch of friends, some pillows and blankets, popcorn and snacks, and some folding chairs and watch a show amongst the stars.

5) Farmer’s market- If the SLO Farmer’s Market is too busy for your liking, check out the dates and times of other markets in the area (there are many!). Local farmer’s markets are a great place to support local businesses and pick up healthy food for the week.

If you have any other suggestions please share them with us. Be safe in your travels in the coming months and CONGRATULATIONS TO GRADUATING SENIOR CLASS OF 2011!

4 Steps to an Affordable Beach Wedding

The warm weather the past few weeks is just a taste of what’s to come this summer. Yes, people view the sunshine as an invitation to hit the sandy shores and soak up some rays. But, the beach is not only used for lounging and playing —it’s also a very popular wedding venue. Pssst….and it’s inexpensive too.

If you’re a bride or groom planning on saying “I do” on the sand, here are some beach wedding ideas that will not only make your special day memorable, but will save you ooodles of money too.

1) Provide memorable, not expensive, wedding favors. Many people think they need to spend a ton to give their guests something they will enjoy as a “thank you” for attending their wedding. It’s not about how much you spend, it’s about the uniqueness of the gift you give. Some unique gift ideas for a beach-inspired wedding include nautical nametags for drink glasses, white flip flops ($1 store), mint filled shells, branded beach balls, or cool sun glasses for all.

2) Don’t overdo the decorations. Sometimes, less is more- especially if your wedding venue is a beautiful natural landscape. Doing too much with decorations can detract from the scenery if you’re not careful.

3) Provide half the amount of chairs for the wedding ceremony if your ceremony will be 30-minutes or less. Not everyone has to sit down for a sweet ceremony. Provide enough chairs for elderly guests or those with back problems and your good to go. In fact, many people rather stand to get a great view of the groom kissing the bride.

4) Try an appetizer bar instead of a sit-down meal: If your budget is tight don’t be afraid to venture outside the box. A beach reception is often more informal than a ballroom or reception hall, and the food and ambiance should match. Try having a diversified appetizer bar with dishes like crab cakes, tri-tip tacos, cheese and fruit, stuffed figs…a selection big enough to satisfy [most guests] and, most importantly, you!

Beach Butlerz is also happy to help with weddings, and can provide amazingly memorable and affordable options that take the stress out of planning a wedding. Check out pictures of weddings we have provided in the past on our website and don’t hesitate to call us to ask more questions.


The Butlerz Crew

AmpSurf Amped to Help Amps Surf!

Ocean enthusiasts and generous individuals are doing their part to help, support and inspire members of the community with disabilities, especially “our veteran heroes.” AmpSurf is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization that has been in operation for over 9 years. Their goal is to “Promote, Inspire, Educate, and Rehabilitate people with disabilities, especially our veteran heroes through adaptive surfing and fun, safe, outdoor activities that all can participate in.” Program supporters advocate the healing power of the ocean, and strive to share that power with anyone in need of rehabilitation, be it mental or physical.

 AmpSurf encourages everyone to be involved with the organization. Whether you are a veteran, or person with a disability, or just simply want to help out with an awesome cause, then AmpSurf wants YOU.

You can participate with AmpSurf in a variety of ways—volunteer, participate, sponsor or donate. Additionally, AmpSurf hosts many events throughout the year that are open to the public. The next event the organization is putting on will take place on May 14 at Encinitas Moonlight Beach in Southern California followed by the Central Coast for the Wine, Waves, and Beyond in Pismo Beach, June 2-5.  More information about the event can be found here. AmpSurf encourages participants to contact their office beforehand in order to be sure specific disabilities can be accommodated.

Check out AmpSurf’s website for more information. If you decide to participate or volunteer, please send us your story!