10 Interesting Facts about the Earth’s Oceans

The ocean is a plethora of neverending mysteries. Read on to discover some of its surprising facts.

1. 99% of all living space exists exclusively under the ocean, and 50-80% of all life on earth dwells in the sea. This means that we as human beings have hardly seen the massive matter our planet contains!

2. The highest tides in the world are located at the Bay of Fundy. They range from about 50-70 feet daily. In a period of 12 hours, approximately 115 billion tons of water flow in and out every day.

3. The largest recorded tsunami was in Alaska and measured 60 m (approx. 180 ft.) above sea level.

4. There are more artifacts located in the ocean than there are in all of the museums on the plant combined.

5. The longest mountain range and volcano range exist under the ocean.

6. A fully grown blue whale weighs between 150-170 tons and is the largest known animal to ever exist on our planet. To get an idea, that is equal to more than 50 fully grown elephants.

7. 95% of the earth’s oceans has been unexplored by man. As of today, we have better maps of how Mars looks than the ocean floor.

8. Half of the entire world population lives within 60 miles of a coastline. Since the beach is a favorable spot and weather is more mild, people like to be closer to the coast.

9. The Mid-Ocean Range is the longest mountain range on earth. It is 40,400 miles long underwater and stretches the Arctic Ocean to the Atlantic. Put in perspective, it is 4 times longer than the Andes, Rockies, and Himalayas combined.

10. 50% of the entire United States lies underwater. We as human beings are unconscious of the extraordinary amount of landmass that lies below our level of awareness.

Famous Shipwreck in San Luis Obispo: The Montebello

On December 22, 1941, the Montebello of San Luis Obispo prepared itself for its voyage back to the western coast. The crew members loaded over 78,000 barrels of oil which was meant to be supplied to the war effort. Unfortunately, that ship never reached its destination. Not too long after it had set sail, Japanese invaders had successfully torpedoed the ship and its cargo would become forever lost at sea. Captain Ekstrom yelled orders to stand to by the lifeboats and abandon ship. Quickly many of the crewmembers did as they were told and hurried to escape. Luckily in the aftermath of it all, the captain was successful in saving everyone in the 38-member crew. However, as the years passed the Montebello would come to elicit more problems than the local community would expect. Decades later in 1996 when the Montebello was rediscovered, scientists had rediscovered the ship along with its 78,000 barrels of crude oil. Although carefully intact, they figured out that if any of the barrels ever began to leak, it would cause a serious threat to the surrounding wildlife and San Luis Obispo community. California assemblyman Sam Blakeslee contacted the Unified Command led by the U.S. Coast Guard and California Department of Fish to conduct further testing to determine if there was a substantial oil threat. After a few years of research and experiments they finally concluded in 2012 that the ship would pose no harm and decided to leave it intact as it is. The  U.S. coast guard along with the Department of Fish still say that the continual checkup on the Montebello must be implicated every so often to prevent future hazards from arriving.

5 Great Snack Ideas for the Beach

Spending the day at the beach can make you hungrier more often than you realize.
To get the most out of your day, bringing snacks with a lot of carbohydrates or protein will sustain your energy so you won’t have to worry about giving out midday. While you can always buy food from the concession stands, it often isn’t the best choice since it is expensive.

On the following list we have carefully chosen a variety of snacks that will satisfy different nutrition and practical purposes for the beach:

Hand Made Trail Mix;
Almonds, peanuts, pretzels, goldfish, m&m’s, and popcorn.  Making your own unique trail mix can be fun and tasty. This combination of trail mix is a unique and personal favorite and tingles every sense of your tongue. Balance healthy snacks with tasty snacks so you can satisfy your cravings every so often while you’re playing in the sand.

Chicken sandwich;
A typical chicken or turkey sandwich has 14 grams of protein. Wrap a slice on a piece of bread to make an easy and efficient snack that will give you long term energy.

Assorted Fruit;
Banana slices, strawberries, mango, grapes. Expelling a lot of energy at the beach can easily make your mouth dry, so staying hydrated is important. Fruits have roughly 50-80% water and are high in potassium.

Chill them in the cooler and they’ll stay fresh all day.

Power bars;
There are certain power bars that are very nutritional, while others are actually a detriment to your body. According to Jenna Holt, an expert on nutrition, Kind Blueberry Pecan and Quest Coconut Cashew are said to be some of the healthiest power bars, while Luna and Cliffe are the worst.

Simplicity is such a wonderful thing. Cheese is full of protein and is practical for a beach environment since it is convenient to pack. Bringing individual slices minimizes the amount of sand that could potentially get in your food. You can slide them in your chicken sandwich.